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Jan 24, 2024

Looking Through The Lenses of A Local & An Expat: Renting a Car Vs Buying

Jan 24, 2024

Looking Through The Lenses of A Local & An Expat: Renting a Car Vs Buying

In the dynamic landscape of Singapore’s car market, COE prices play the role of a tumultuous figure, leaving prospective car buyers hanging onto the edge of their seats. The unpredictable nature of sky-high premiums one day, to a significant drop in prices the next, creates a rush of hope and a flurry of calculations for car buyers looking to seize the “perfect” opportunity to owning their set of wheels.

This emotional rollercoaster has turned the decision to buy a car into a stressful occasion for many. Despite the practical necessity of having a personal car for daily commutes and the convenience it brings, volatility in the car market caused by the erratic nature of COE prices, has transformed what should be a straightforward decision into a nail-biting experience.

In the midst of this rollercoaster, enter car rental. As COE prices play their version of highs and lows, renting a car provides a steady and reliable alternative. The flexibility and financial stability that car rental offers allow users to opt out of the exasperating pursuit in finding reasonable car ownership.

In this article, we peel back the layers to reveal why renting a car is not just a practical choice, but also the secret sauce to adding an extra dash of excitement to your urban lifestyle. Bid farewell to the headaches of maintenance and the stress induced from depreciation – car rental in Singapore, especially at Prime, is all about flexibility, convenience, and a whole lot of fun.

To give an all-rounder’s perspective, we sat down with two of our customers – one local, and the other an expat – and got the lowdown on why they have opted to ditch traditional car ownership for car rental instead.

Ms Nurhaniza Binti Agus (Niza), Singaporean & valued client of Prime & Section Car Rental

As she does not personally own a car, Niza opted for long-term car rental with support from her company, since her job scope requires her to be constantly on the road, traveling from point to point.

On why she opted to rent instead of purchase, Niza shared some common contemplations that we see prospective car owners have.

“The rising cost of living and thinking about other miscellaneous items like road tax, car maintenance, and searching yearly for the ‘best price’ in terms of insurance – all these need extra time and hard work,” shared Niza. “When I found out that all these hassles will be taken care of by someone else, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be free from that burden, right?”

That was when Niza learned about Prime & Section Car Rental back in 2018, when she was actively browsing online to learn more about what local car rental companies were offering. “Ms Joey was the first salesperson to contact me, whereas all the other car leasing companies just dropped me an email or, in some cases, took days to reply to my inquiry,” said Niza.

“She was quick to respond to all my questions and even WhatsApp’d me the photos of cars that I had asked her about,” shared Niza. “She went beyond to explain the details – Joey exceeded my first impression of her. I went down to [Prime]’s office the next day, and we closed the deal.”

Niza has been leasing from Prime since 2018. Like many locals, she gets to enjoy the benefits of driving her car without the burden that comes with car ownership, topped with the bonus of excellent service and support from our team at Prime.

“They never disappoint me in cases of any breakdowns,” shared Niza. “Mr Zaini and his team provide immediate support – their team is there for you 24/7.”

Mr. James & Mrs. Katja Hinchcliffe, originally from London & valued clients of Prime & Section Car Rental

For expats who have moved to Singapore like the Hinchcliffes, renting a car made more sense as they are normally faced with the unknown in terms of their duration of stay, especially in cases where they have relocated to Singapore because of work-related reasons.

“We came to Singapore as James got a job offer here five years ago,” shared Katja. “We weren’t sure of how long we would stay in Singapore, so we decided to lease as it felt like it was the easier short-term option.”

“I think having a car in Singapore is definitely a lifestyle choice! Particularly with small kids – it makes it easier to get around. The main benefit of renting is certainly the flexibility and the fact that everything is taken care of.”

For expats new to Singapore and looking to start driving, Katja says: “I would recommend leasing for expats. [Singapore] is a small city, so it is easy to find your way around. However, you will need to be aware and look out closely for motorcycles and other cars on the road as they will overtake you or stop on the main roads,” Katja explained. “Road behavior is certainly quite different from Europe, but once you get used to it, it is okay.”

No matter long term or short term, corporate or individual, we are here to provide the highest level of service to each and every customer. Referred by friends to Prime & Section Car Rental, Katja shared: “My experience so far has been excellent. Tina is just always very responsive. She immediately replies to messages and there is always a replacement car when needed. It is top notch in terms of customer service.”


The testimonials from both our local client, Ms Niza, and our expatriate client, Mrs Katja Hinchcliffe, highlight the diverse benefits of car rental over traditional ownership in the ever-fluctuating landscape of Singapore’s car market. Car rental, particularly with Prime & Section Car Rental, emerges as a practical and enjoyable alternative that offers flexibility, convenience, and freedom from the burdens commonly associated with car maintenance and unpredictable market conditions.

Whether it is the relief from the intricacies of insurance, road tax, and maintenance, as articulated by Ms Niza, or the suitability for expatriates facing uncertain durations of stay, as emphasized by the Hinchcliffes, renting a car proves to be a solution that aligns with the unique needs of individuals residing in Singapore.

At Prime, we believe in not only providing reliable and efficient car leasing services, but also pride ourselves in fostering a  warm, friendly, and supportive structure for our valued customers. The experiences shared by our clients reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that our clients can navigate the roads of Singapore with confidence and peace of mind.

In essence, the journey from the stress-inducing decision of car ownership to the liberating and exhilarating experience that comes with car rental encapsulates the essence of a modern lifestyle. As the driving force behind our multi-award winning brand, we invite you to consider the road less travelled, where car renting transforms not just your mode of transportation but your overall quality of life.

Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and fun that car rental offers, making each journey a delightful chapter in your life’s adventure.

Choose Prime, you’re always in good hands.

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