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Mar 8, 2023

#PrimeFeatures: Inspiring Stories from Women for Women


Mar 8, 2023

#PrimeFeatures: Inspiring Stories from Women for Women


For this year’s International Women’s Day, Prime is once again celebrating the strengths and achievements of women. As a proud brand operating with an all-female sales team in our rental department, we have had the privilege of interacting with many amazing customers from all walks of life throughout the years, and want to celebrate not just their journey with us, but also as inspirational women to other women as well.

Natalie Elizabeth

International School Teacher

Natalie draws inspiration from two prominent female figures in her life – her mother, and her sister. “When I see them, they are strong, fierce, and independent women – and they make me proud to be one. They inspire me to do better.” Originally from the Netherlands, Natalie moved to Singapore 12 years ago solely for adventure, but little did she know that she would meet her future husband here, fall in love, and make Singapore her new home.

As an educator in an international school that embraces equality, she strongly believes in the positive influence she can have on children from as young as four years old, to their late teens in her day-to-day role. “The influence that I can have on kids from small to the end of their schooling education is a huge thing and so, I think for me to be a strong and independent woman, and to show them to be comfortable in themselves is one of the most important things that I can do.”

Natalie also recognizes the impact and importance of championing the #IWD flag, as well as how the celebration of women can help inspire and unite people around the world. “We are all striving to create an equal world while we know that somewhere else, this is not the same. And that is why I think that education is one of the strongest forces to unite people in this front for being gender equal,” she says. “The best way is to support one another, pick each other up, and making sure that you empower the people around you because if everyone is empowered, you are going to be successful.”

Hamida Binte Md Jamil

Local School Teacher & Girl Scouts Advocate

Through her renewed appreciation for women – and mothers, to be specific – Hamida has a profound respect for the contributions of the latter after having gone through motherhood herself. “When I was growing up, I felt complacent because my mother was always there for everything, which now I feel that they do not get enough recognition.”

Hamida also recognizes her influence on younger children, especially girls, in her role as a teacher. As a believer that girls can do the same, she is a strong proponent for the inclusion of young girls into her school’s scout co-curriculum programme – which is traditionally viewed as more of a “boy’s activity”. “I started off personally as a girl guide, but slowly found out that there is actually a scouting community for girls as well. That is when I realized that there are actually a lot of things that girls can do as well when given the same opportunities.”

Through her journey and experience redefining what makes a great scout, Hamida also understands the importance of empowerment. “As girls, we are not here to overpower men because they play an important role alongside us as well. We have to learn to instead, empower ourselves and the people around us so that everyone can become the best versions of themselves.”

Anna Edwards

Co-Owner & Trainer, BFT (Body Fit Training) Jurong

Originally from the UK, Anna moved to Singapore nine years ago with a PhD to work as a research chemist for A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research). After having her little boy, she turned her passion for fitness into a full-time job while balancing her maternal role as a mother. “What makes me proud to be a woman is being part of the amazing community that we have created for each other,” she says. “We’re always there trying to help each other out, and to help each other succeed, which I think is the most important thing to me.”

“When people think of the gym, they think of big buff guys. But in fact we do have a lot of female members at BFT in Singapore, with about 65% of our clients being female,” she shared. “What is great about being part of this community is the support within the network of women, and I love watching their growth – from being intimidated by weights on day one, to lifting heavier and being more confident as the days passes.”

To Anna, #IWD is a significant day to reflect back upon the illustrious contributions by women that help created many amazing opportunities available for women today. “I think International Women’s Day is also important for young people to truly understand the hard work that has gone in the past to allow them to have the opportunities that they have today. They’ve also got to realize that it doesn’t stop there – they have to keep working hard, pushing barriers, and they’ll be able to achieve what is previously thought to be impossible.”

On this International Women’s Day, Prime hopes that the stories graciously shared by Natalie, Hamida, and Anna will continue to inspire women of all ages and walks of life to carry on the pursuit of excellence and empowerment in their day-to-day lives. Happy #IWD from Prime to all!

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